Where are you located?

Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Where do you ship?

We provide freetracked shipping on all orders to Canada and the USA. See our shipping policy here.

How many times can I charge my phone/device?

Zeus i26w can charge iPhone X 7 times, iPhone 11Pro 6 times, Nintendo Switch 5 times, Samsung Galaxy Note S10 6 times, iPad Pro 2 times, and a MacBook Air 1.5 times. Zeus can also charge 4 devices at once.

Why won't my phone wirelessly charge?

Tap the power button until the red light starts to flash. Place your phone on the wireless pad. Do not place your device over the flashlight, place it over the wireless pad. Zeus i26w will wireless charge compatible smartphones. The red light charging indicator will be visible while wirelessly charging.

Wipe off any water, sand or dirt and try again.

Also, do not leave your phone wirelessly charging in the sun, your phone will overheat and the wireless charging will be disconnected.

Please note that wireless charging does not work with all phone cases, including some types of OtterBox. Our Qi wireless charger will charge up to a distance of 8mm, but cases designed with any metal may inhibit wireless charging.

What are the inputs/outputs?

1 USB-A QC 18W

1 USB-A QC 15W 

1 USB-C PD 18W Input/Output

1 Micro Input 

Does it support fast charging?


PD18W | QC3.0 | 5/7.5/10W Qi 

How fast is the wireless charger?

Our Qi wireless charger provides a fast and stable 5/7.5/10W; great for topping up during the day or a full charge overnight. 

Does this have to be plugged into the wall for the wireless charger to work?

No it does not. To enable wireless charging, press the power button and when the red light starts to flash place your device on the wireless pad.  

What certifications does Zeus i26w have?

CE | FCC | RoHS | PSE 

Zeus will not overheat or overcharge your device. 

Can I carry it on a plane?

Yes! Battery packs must not exceed 100Wh when they are carried on a plane. Zeus i26w falls under this limit at 99 Watt Hours.

What is your return/exchange policy?

We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee and a 1 year warranty. 

How much does Zeus i26w weigh?

564g or 1.2lbs 

How big is the product?

The product measures 176*95*29 mm 

My phone won't charge but the light works.

This means that your battery level is insufficient to charge your device. CATCH A CHARGE™ in the sun or via the charge cable.

How long does it take to fully charge the solar charger with the usb cable?

A full charge of Zeus i26w will charge overnight via the micro input. Use the PD18W USB-C port to charge Zeus i26w in 8 hours.

How fast does it take to charge via the solar panel?

Our solar panel charges at 300mA/hour in optimal conditions. Do not use solar for primary source of power. Always charge via the adaptor cable overnight before heading out into the wild. The solar is for emergencies and keeping you topped up on the go.

The solar panel keeps your emergency light going for days. Zeus i26w will need 9+ hours of sunlight to charge your phone for emergencies. 

What does RunGood mean?

The seeming ability to constantly achieve the better outcome.