RunGood Featured on NewsWatch TV - AMC Network

The Portable Charger Every Traveler Needs - RunGood was featured on NewsWatch TV - Airing on AMC Network on Cyber Monday 2020 - is owned and operated by RunGood Studio Inc. - a Canadian company based out of British Columbia.

In a digital age, mobile is king. We’re on the go every day with a plethora of devices that run on batteries. From phones and tablets to watches and laptops, we need a portable charger to handle the load, while allowing freedom from traditional charging stations. That’s exactly what RunGood has given us with the incomparable ZEUS i26w. Designed with an IP66 rating that keeps it protected in even the worst of the elements, the ZEUS i26w is rugged, tough, and durable.

Charge your phone, camera, GPS, GoPro, speaker, or anything you need, all with one power bank. It includes fast charging and the ability to charge multiple devices at the same time. You can even go cordless with the wireless Qi charging pad on the back. For emergency charging, it sports a solar panel front that allows it to power up in the sun. The ZEUS is much more than a power bank. They’ve gone out of the way to make it the ultimate outdoors tool. For example, they’ve thrown in a built-in LED flashlight with SOS and strobe modes. It’s even approved to take with you on an airplane! Head out on your next adventure with the ZEUS i26w. Pick yours up today at

Your phone is the most obvious device to recharge after a long day, but when it comes to smartphones and tablets, there simply isn't enough charge, with smartphone batteries only holding for half a day or a few hours at a time. Zeus i26w is perfect for recharging your phone or the battery of your Nintendo Switch. Detach yourself from that wall charger in the corner, portable power from is what you need.

You need a high capacity power source for all of your multi-day excursions. If you're looking for a good portable charger for your iPhone, Zeus i26w is built with 26,800mAh which is enough to charge one of the new iPhones several times. This amount of juice charges most smartphones and tablets 3-4 times full, without having to re-charge the power bank. 

If charging speed is the most important feature when you consider a power bank, you will love the portable charger Zeus i26w. If you are looking for the best portable charger for international travel, Zeus i26w is approved to take with you on an airplane. 

Good portable chargers and power banks can increase battery life of a wide range of electronics, including laptops and tablets, and help recharge your technology while playing - away from power outlets. If you have power in mind, the RunGood Zeus i26w portable charger is the best portable charger for phones, tablets, fitness trackers, USB devices, and other portable electronics.

CATCH A CHARGE™ with RunGood Studio Inc.